assalamualaikum n good evening guys!!
 nuramiratul hafizah binti jurime
25th of July
a servant to ALLAH
a daughter to en. jurime bin othman n pn. jumaidah binti juhari
the eldest in the family of 5 siblings make me mature in doing somethings (sometimes)
wanna died in martyr
wanna be a doctor which success in world and hereafter
a muslim student who is thirsting with knowledges
wanna spread the dakwah n being a daie
trying to be a good muslimah
seeking the pleasure of ALLAH
taken by ALLAH
fanatic with blue colour
like colourful colour
fanatic with wide BAWAL SCARF
fresh oranges - cupcakes n muffins n chocolates
 cat lovers
 like drawing, colouring n reading
patient person
a simple person
like to see the stars n rainbow
dislike to share problems with others
like keep/face the problems alone
like to explore something new

could u being my friends?
salam sayang,
 fiezah98.. :)

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